Glossy crocodile leather HANDBAG

W9" x H5.5" x D2.2" (handle H 6") / Dark ivory

“Henglong”’s Crocodile skin

Most of global masterpiece brands use “Henglong”’s Crocodile skin which is famous of its reputation worldwide.

Slightly added clear green on the dark ivory has subtle color is subtle attractiveness of this product.

Also available as a clutch bag due to detachable handles.

________How to keep

* All leather of the product is weak in moisture, sweat, and moisture, and it is vulnerable to scratches, so careful care is required.
* If natural leather is wet, wipe it off with a dry towel or a soft cloth to dry it in a well-shaded environment
* Fill the inside of the product with paper or cloth, Hold the whole frame and put it in a dust bag.
* Please keep it in a cool, dry place without getting wet.

________How to use

*If you put a heavy object in the product it may be damaged or deformed.
*Leather hayeoteumeuro process minimizes processing Please note the scratch and abrasion
*Bright colored leather is weak to dye, so please avoid coordination when you wear clothes such as jeans that may cause water leakage.
*Please rub lightly with a leather lotion within a short time when a stain occurs.
*Alcohol, oil, perfume, cosmetics, etc. may cause damage or contamination of the product.
*If the product is wet, do not dry it in direct sunlight or fire, and wipe it with a dry cloth to dry it in a well-ventilated shade
*When decontamination of the product, please do not use a partial detergent and leather cleaner that does not match the material